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Agency Name Website Link
National Foundation for Credit Counseling Website
(855) 899-3778
Money Management International Website
(877) 908-2227
Consumer Credit Counseling Svc of Atlanta Website
(866) 616-3716
National Council on Aging Website
(800) 510-0301
ClearPoint Financial Solutions Website
(877) 877-1995
Springboard Website
(800) 947-3752
HomeFree Website
(301) 891-8423
Greenpath Website
(888) 860-4167
Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation Website
(888) 990-4326


Counseling Guides / PDF Downloads

counseling guide .pdf download Preparing for your Counseling Session (PDF file, 4 Pages)
What You Can Expect from Your Reverse Mortgage Counselor (4Pgs)
counseling guide .pdf download
Expanding the Use of Reverse Mortgages for Long-Term Care: A Blueprint for Action


What happens after Counseling?

After you have completed your counseling session you will be mailed a certificate of completion (view sample document). This Counseling certificate should be signed and returned to your lender if you wish to proceed with the processing of the loan. No 3rd party services may be ordered such as Appraisal, Title, Escrow until the lender has your signed certificate in hand

Have a question about the Reverse Mortgage? If you or a family member would like a complete, no-obligation personal analysis please call Toll Free (800) 565-1722 or request free analysis